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Wardrobe Essentials

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Time for my next blog after a few weeks break, after the full on overdose of London last month (and soon to be again, more on that later) I thought it would be good to write something a little lighter with this one.

Lots of women always ask what are the clothes staples I really should have in my wardrobe, well here they are. These aren’t just my selection but also what appear in the glossy monthly magazines and style bibles the world over.


1) Little Black Dress

This item  really is the epitome of a style staple and one all women should own. I’m not going to wax lyrical here on what kind of LBD to buy, this is purely dependant on the individual, and what suits their body shape and personal style.

2) White Shirt

This is another basic item, but one that can go with black trousers for work wear or worn with jeans for off duty style. Think about how many images you see of women wearing a white fitted shirt with the perfect pair of jeans for their bodyshape. Shop about for this one, but you can get decent quality white shirts for as little as £20 which can take you from work to off duty very easily.

3) Black Trousers

This is a must item in any females working wardrobe, and can really set an outfit off. Much like the LBD there aren’t any set rules on which style to go for, but again just go with your bodyshape here. What may look good on one person, may not suit you personally. Tailored usually works well, when buying try on in store with the shoes you will be wearing them with to get the correct fit in leg.

4) Black Skirt

Like the white shirt, a good black skirt can take you from day to night and work to off duty with ease. Find one which suits your bodyshape and work requirements, for some this may be an A line skirt while for others it could be something like a pencil skirt, above all find one your comfortable with.

5) Blazer and Coat

Two must haves in any wardrobe are the blazer which can really be worn anytime and for any occassion, find one which suits you! For some this is a very structured formal tailored affair, others it may be more relaxed and even bordering casual. A good coat really is a great investment, and one which can really carry you through the seasons, and from year to year. Don’t go with what is in fashion if that really doesn’t suit you, go with your instincts here and find what works for you. My last investment coat was £60, and lasted me through four years of wear for around eight months each year so the cost per wear worked well in that instance until it was time to say goodbye last autumn. Hopefully I can get the same return out of this new one.

6) Jeans

A good pair of denim jeans is something everyone has to have at least one of in their wardrobe, this doesn’t have to be expensive £200+ J Brand or seven for all mankind jeans but ones which are good quality & well made. You can find these in most stores from upwards of £30, find a style that fits you. The one style that really suits everyone is the bootcut as it helps to hide a multitude of sins & highlight some of the other areas you may like. Tip for finding the perfect jeans, check how the back pockets sit as they should end at the bottom of your buttocks. Anything else and they aren’t a good fit.

7) Knitwear

Investing a good piece of quality knitwear, be it a cardigan or jumper can really be a godsend and a useful item to own for when those hot summer days start to turn a little cooler as your at a BBQ or outdoor event. One thing everyone agrees on is that cashmere is a good investment to own, but while this works great in winter for summer maybe look a little lighter with your knitwear. Many high street chains do these items very well, so shop about. Cashmere doesn’t have to be expensive, you can find them on the highstreet each Autumn/Winter from around £60.


1) Shoes

Investing in a good pair of shoes really does make all the difference, and as they say the first thing people notice about someone is what shoes they’re wearing. A good pair of shoes is also an added investment for your health, and can really make all the world of difference and stop you getting achy feet so often, but please buy the right size even go up half a size if you must! Talking of shoes, invest in a good pair of flats and similarly a good pair of high heels, doesn’t have to be Christian Louboutin here (although that woukd be nice!). Don’t  forget to consider Boots also, these will be essential during the Autumn and Winter months, think about what suits you best and your own personal needs before you buy.

2) Handbag

Much like shoes, a good handbag can really help define who you are and as it is one of those things you have with you so often it is worth investing in good quality. High street stores produce some fantastic bags every yera which don’t cost a lot at all, so why not check them out. The bag is something which needs to fit in with your lifestyle, so take into account where you would use it, what it needs to fit in etc. before you buy as you need to be sure it’s right for you.

Finally the most basic item you need to own:


I can’t express how important this final item is, and how essential it is that you wear the correct underwear for you. If you’re going to invest in the items above, then first start with what you will wear under it and that is your underwear. Doesn’t have to be expensive here, but do get yourself measured to find out what bra size you really are, it can make all the difference to a dress fitting perfectly or you looking like the underwear is cutting into your arms, or you have four breasts. Every shop varies in size of bra depending on the style of bra (balconette, push up etc.), so get measured in all shops which offer a bra fit service and make note ofeach stores size. This also goes for clothes sizes, as there is no standard size 10 for example so sometimes it may end up being a size 8 or a 12 you fit into. Please consider a strapless or stick on bra if you’re wearing strappy tops or boob tubes, not normal bras or even strapless bras with clear straps. It really doesn’t look good!

This is the most essential item you need to own before you can start buying the rest, same goes for the knickers you wear with it get ones that fit you not a size or two smaller or god forbid larger!

Investment is key here, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all but please start with the first layer (Underwear) and work upwards from there. Remember to find the correct style for you, which suits your lifestyle and above all bodyshape and  makes you feel confident in yourself.

Now it’s time for me to finish packing for yet another London trip, this time two nights/ three days of Culture, Museums and Musicals a go go! Look out for those blogs in the coming weeks

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