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Bit of a different one for me not to cover London in a blog, and the many cultural attractions it has to offer.  This time it’s about Manchester, that great city of the North and so close to my hometown that I spent much of last weekend in the great city.

It was a chance to revisit a few places, and explore some new ones which I’ve been to in London but never it’s Manchester base. Starting on what turned out to be the warmest day of last weekend, I did what most people do when they visit Manchester and have a love of fashion by visiting both Harvey Nichols & Selfridges. The two have reignited my love of wanting to own a pair of Christian Louboutins, another McQueen Skull Scarf & even made me add a Chanel item to my future investment pieces list. That item will only be if I win the Lottery however!


Chanel’s iconic Camelia design on their famous jewellery line

Next on my trip was a visit to the John Rylands Library, an impressive Victorian Gothic Library housed on Deansgate. Small fact here is the man in question who this Library is named after, originally comes from the same hometown as me & if Wikipedia is actually correct the same area of that town I spent much of my younger years! The building itself is definitely worth a visit, not only to just explore the historic reading room & grand staircase but also to see the exhibitions on display. Entrance is free to the Library, and all exhibitions unless certain special events are on.


Main corridor of the John Rylands Library

With the Library being located so close to Quay Street, it was only fitting that I go and unleash my inner geek (a trait would be clear all weekend, with the other places I visited) and visit the Museum of Scicence and Industry (MOSI). Housed within five seperate MOSI covers everything from Air & Space, Power, Electricity, Railways and many more. Everything is free to access within here, and well worth a visit for those with children or even those without. Housed within are some fantastic pieces of machinery that really bring Science, Engineering & History alive before your eyes when you get to see a replica of the first Computer & genuine Beam Engines. Highlight for me was seeing a Ford Model T, and also a Beam Engine taken from an old Colliery in my hometown.


Museum of Science & Industry

The second day was a little wetter, after what can only be described as an eventful sleep! After finishing up what I was in Manchester for it was time for a little explore before home, and what better place to visit than Imperial War Museum North at Salford Keys. I’ve visited the London one a number of times before, but never the Manchester branch of the IMW before, while not on the grand scale of London in terms of size it still housed some fascinating peices of History telling the story of everything from World War one to the modern day conflicts. Some highlights were seeing a batch of War Medals including a Victoria Cross given to a soldier from my hometown (Seems like the old hometown is appearing everywhere in this blog!), some magazines from the Falklands Conflict mocking up Margaret Thatcher as various dictators, and a nazi eagle. Well worth a visit, and spending time wandering the rest of the Quays as well.


L.S Lowry artwork


Ending my trip was a visit to the Lowry Centre, taking in some of the artwork by the famous painter himself. Which was stunning to see, along with some of his artifiacts including the Cane, and Bowler Hat he was so well known for. Another reason for visiting was to do with an exhibition called “Here’s one we made earlier”, celebrating ninety years of Children’s broadcasting on the BBC, this had only started that morning and runs until Mid October. Entry is free, for anyone who grew up on anything to do with what is now called CBBC this exhibition is well worth a visit. It traces the history of Children’s broadcasting from those early days on the radio, through the era of Muffin the Mule, Bill and Ben & Andy Pandy right down to Bagpuss, The Clangers, Grange Hill & the Broom Cupboard days to the modern Cbeebies programmes.

I think this is more for adults to revisit their younger years than the children they accompnay, as it is made up of nostalgia. A few of my favourites are below as images, which took me back to my younger years as did some iconic clips from Grange Hill, Byker Grove (NOT that scene though unfortunately!), Five Children and IT & The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. Also on display was the ICONIC Blue Peter make still talked about twenty one years later, Anthea Turner’s Tracey Island! Go visit and revisit your childhood, you won’t be disappointed!


Peggy Patch & Why Bird from Playdays


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