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After what has been a while since my last blog the time has come to get back writing again. So 2015 has been a pretty packed year, with many trips into London & across the country for two of my ultimate loves Theatre & Exhibitions. This year has seen me attend almost thirty Theatre shows, and around ten or so exhibitions both in London & further afield in the UK, some of my favourite events of this year will be covered in another post soon.

For anyone who has read my second investment pieces blog they will know that there is one piece of fashion swag that I really wanted to treat myself to this year. I can finally say that I’ve now been able to fulfil that wish & own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. As stated in that blog these were an item I’ve wanted for an number of years, and while it may seem costly they really are a great investment and one which will last me a number of years.

Date of purchase: Saturday 25th April 2015, around 1.30pm (key purchases are always ingrained in my brain about the date & time of purchase). This date is definitely memorable as it was the same day I got to attend the annual VOGUE Festival, and actually heard Christian Louboutin speak about his inspirations and career.

So promptly after finishing that talk, and a quick trip to the festival shop it was time to get myself a pair of those legendary red soles!

Place of purchase: Christian Louboutin Store, Mount Street,Mayfair,  London

Item purchased: 100mm simple pumps in leather (RRP £425.00)


Christian Louboutin 100mm Simple Pumps

Purpose of London trip: The trip was a mix of a number of different things; three theatre trips within two days,  attending a VOGUE Festival talk, London Marathon watching & a trip to purchase the shoes. I’ve wanted the shoes for a number of years, and with a pretty big birthday coming up early in 2016 I decided it was time to invest.

Service received: Great service from the store staff, providing advice on the styles available in store. The store experience is definitely one of the best from this company, having browsed a number of the UK concessions both prior & post shoe buying the service has been underwhelming. The store staff really know what they are doing, and always go out their way to help. It does have to be said that I had been in the store a few times before browsing & asking advice before purchase. This meant that a member of staff remembered me from a previous visit when I came in for advice a few months prior, so was engaging in conversation despite not being the one who had served me with my purchase.

Would you recommend to others: I would definitely recommend to others, the shoes are definitely worth it and as stated they are a real investment piece which will last an eternity.

For the price again they have proved to be rather comfortable on the occasions I have  worn them, major case in point being at a family wedding. Despite wearing them from 1.30pm in the afternoon, for both the day and evening celebrations I was still comfortably wearing them at midnight. This can’t be said for those who had been in shoes for the same length of time or even less that day, who by 9pm had kicked them off to go barefoot!

They really are dance, walk and in my case run proof as that evening proved! They’ve also proved a starting point in conservations with people who have seen them, with one envious of the fact I finally have them & even a family member asking me if they were Jimmy Choo’s!

Anything else we should know: The shoes come in their own red dust bag to match the iconic soles, a  mini dustbag is also included with an extra pair of heels should you need to replace them. The store receipt comes in its own little card which provides after care advice to prolong the life of your shoes.



Store packaging

There are some distinguishable features of the shoes which can help you to spot the real deal from the number of imitations doing the rounds. These will be covered in another blog shortly! One thing to mention on this topic is that during Christian’s talk with Alexandra Shulman (British Vogue Editor), he did say that he had considered putting a tracking device into the soles to try to solve the problem of all the fakes on the market.

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