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Investment Pieces Part Two (Update)

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This blog is going to be a continuation of my initial investment pieces blog back in May (seems a while now). This will also link to a new set of blogs staring next week, all to be revealed then but get thinking of what the connection may be until then!

So last time I talked about my last investment purchase being an Alexander McQueen skull print scarf, and how I started off my investment purchases with a silver Tiffany & Co. Ring, and one of their well known Return to Tiffany Heart Bracelets. This blog is going to cover the a few investment purchases that I would like to buy within the next few years.

DECEMBER UPDATE: Looking below at what I posted in July, it’s now possible that some of the items below could be bought in time for Christmas, and also my Birthday in January. Which ones I will leave it up to you to guess! I’m a little excited to say the least that some of these will be a reality very soon, one around two weeks time in fact!

Christian Louboutin

As most people who know fashion will know Christian Louboutin is one of those designers who most people long to own a pair of shoes from, I’m no exception to this. I’ve even visited the London store in Mayfair to admire the craftsmanship of the shoes as well as the fabulous window displays, and have already picked out the style I want to own (albeit narrowed down to two styles, with one being a style that is actually named for a nickname of mine one that I don’t hear often. Get looking fact fans, and it will give clues to my identity!).

As I get older I really want to invest more in good quality pieces that will last me many years to come, and as my 30th Birthnday is approaching on the horizon in just over a year and a bit I know I want to own a pair of these shoes, although the price is high for a one off purchase the cost per wear each year will more than make up for it.

Chanel 2.55 Handbag

I admit I may have expensive taste when it comes to purchases, not for everything as I really love bargains & making the most of an NUS card I shouldn’t own (Thank you jobs in Students’ Unions, and allowing staff to buy into the NUS Card scheme) but when it comes to Handbags I really like the more high quality brands and knowing that I’m investing in a piece of history. The 2.55 is one of the most famous handbags ever designed, so named for the date  it was relased, February 1955 fact fans making this almost sixty years old. The bag is still worn by many to this day, and has spawned a million imitations from the high street as well as numerous fakes (some good, while some are exceptionally bad). It  may cost more than the average monthly salary but your getting so much more for your money, your owning a piece of fashion history with a fantastic story behind it.

The bag is known to many as the “classic flap bag”, because of the front flap of the handbag. The bag was created as Coco Chanel felt that women needed their hands free while out so created a shoulder handbag for this, the bag itself houses a secret inner pocket which Chanel used to hold some of the love letters she received during her affair with the Nazi Spy Hans Gunther Von Dincklage. There is also another secret flap at the back of the bag as well, where Chanel is rumoured to have kept some extra money in her own personal one!


This one is a bit of a no brainer really for me, as I take so many pictures of places I visit which most years is quite a lot and have two holidays I’d like to take before the end of next year where there is so much to photograph a decent camera is a must have investment. It would also allow me to further expand the topics I cover in this blog, and start to put some ideas I have into practice and also help to destress a little by taking images of things which attract me.

Now you know my investment pieces why don’t you have a think about what some of yours are, remember nothing is out of your reach and if you want it then go for it!

If anyone has any suggestions of what camera to invest in or just comments about this blog then do get in touch at