The must visit exhibition of 2016

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Every year I start off with a list of what to see for the year in terms of Theatre, Exhibitions  and numerous events most of them culturally based, sometimes not so much. I always seem to declare that whatever year it is at the time is a great year for[…]

Investment Purchase 1

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After what has been a while since my last blog the time has come to get back writing again. So 2015 has been a pretty packed year, with many trips into London & across the country for two of my ultimate loves Theatre & Exhibitions. This year has seen me[…]

Theatre,Theatre and more Theatre

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2015 is shaping up to be my ultimate theatre year ever, with six shows already watched this past month alone. Four more are booked until April both locally and nationally, with close to another dozen before the year is out. Rounding it off will be numerous shows on the great[…]


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Bit of a different one for me not to cover London in a blog, and the many cultural attractions it has to offer.  This time it’s about Manchester, that great city of the North and so close to my hometown that I spent much of last weekend in the great[…]