Look like Audrey by wearing Audrey

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Don’t worry, we aren’t advocating the exhumation of her body and wearing her bones as some Voodoo tribute.. – Nowadays, with the amount of clothing on offer and the massive range of items available to women, it isn’t hard to buy clothes which make you look good and with a[…]

Investment Pieces Part Two (Update)

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This blog is going to be a continuation of my initial investment pieces blog back in May (seems a while now). This will also link to a new set of blogs staring next week, all to be revealed then but get thinking of what the connection may be until then![…]

London Culture Vulture Day 2

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To start my second day I decided to explore the city on foot, and walk from my hotel in Bloomsbury over to Knightsbridge. Now as any true fashion fan knows, this area of London is known for one thing and one thing only, the upmarket boutiques around Brompton Road and[…]

London Culture Vulture Day 1

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miss saigon

Well after what can only be described as a terrible first half to the year, I decided I was going to treat myself to an overnight stay and a bit of culture in one of my favourite UK Cities, London! Immersing myself in the sights, sounds and culture of this[…]