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Treat Central

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viv book

Well after a months gap between blogs, now is the time for an update.   Well the last few weeks have definitely involved a few treats from a few friends, as well as a couple of treats I’ve bought myself. Last night was one which got me thinking about writing[…]

Look like Audrey by wearing Audrey

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Don’t worry, we aren’t advocating the exhumation of her body and wearing her bones as some Voodoo tribute.. – Nowadays, with the amount of clothing on offer and the massive range of items available to women, it isn’t hard to buy clothes which make you look good and with a[…]

Investment Pieces Part Two (Update)

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This blog is going to be a continuation of my initial investment pieces blog back in May (seems a while now). This will also link to a new set of blogs staring next week, all to be revealed then but get thinking of what the connection may be until then![…]


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Bit of a different one for me not to cover London in a blog, and the many cultural attractions it has to offer.  This time it’s about Manchester, that great city of the North and so close to my hometown that I spent much of last weekend in the great[…]