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Saturday of last weekend was spent in Manchester, and for once the city known for it’s rainy weather was gloriously warm and sunny for a mid October day.

The whole day was a day of culture from the start of my train journey onwards, beginning with a suitably Autumnal Pumpkin Spiced Latte from starbucks. (If you haven’t tried, then it’s a must! But remember it’s only limited until around Halloween time, so be quick). My next one is right after this blog is uploaded. To accompany that was my favourite play of Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge”, which I can’t wait to finally see on stage next year.

As usual with Manchester on a Saturady it was busy, with the added addition of the Rugby League Grand Final at Old Trafford that evening, with both lots of fans being spotted in the city from 10am (8 hours before kick off!).

As usual on my visits to Manchester I can’t resited the delights of the Selfridges & Harvey Nichols. If those two were candy, then they would be my addiction (More for browsing than spending though). I spotte dlots of wonderful new season peices, including bags, clothes, shoes and jewellery I want. Time to get saving for my birthday in a few months to buy some.

The star attraction though was the Christian Louboutin concession in Harvey Nichols, trying to decide which pair I really want to buy for myself next year. Definite child in a candy shop moment though was spotting a display of Christian Louboutin nail polishes including the same shade of red he used to paint on the sole of the first pair of shoes he created. Have a look for yourself at the bottle, as it is truly a work of art!

After that was a spot of lunch in Byron for a hamburger lunch, with root beer float (theme of today appears to be returning¬† to childhood, and feeling like a child mor eof which you’ll read about later.) Following lunch was a visit to the revamped Manchester Central Library, which I spent over two hours in looking at the restoration work, browsing exhibitions and events they had on that day. Also while there I watched some tv shows I had forgotten about, or hadn’t seen since childhood thanks to the BFI Mediatheque screens. over 2,500 shows and films from the UK are on this and available to watch for free.

Gems for me that day included Knightmare, Grange Hill and two famous episodes of Byker Grove that are still mentioned to this day, and are remembered as breaking the mould on Children’s Television back in the early 1990’s. I can still remember watching these two episodes when they first aired, any guesses which they are? Email me at to have your guess.

Lastly was a trip further up the road to Manchester Art Gallery to see their display of art works from the great masters to modern artists like Banksy and David Hockney. Entry is free, and well worth a visit for the current exhibitions alone as well as the wonderful permanent collection. One is about Fashion in the 1950’s with couture dresses made out of cotton, featuring items by Balmain, Cardin and Carven. The other is showing war paintings from 1914 to the present day including disturbing but thought proviking images by artists such as Paul Nash, Otto Dix and their contemporaries on the harsh reality of war. These images never fail to make me stop and think about what they depict, and although time may have progressed the brutality of war is ever present in our lives.

If your in Manchester at any point do go and see these two places, as they are well worth a visit. Lovers of History, Politics, Music and Architecture will love the Central Library for all the past culture it has within its walls & just for the grand ness of the building itself. Marx wrote aspects of The Communist Manifesto in it’s legendary Wolfson Reading Room, while the singer Morrissey would often hide out in there while skipping school! The Wolfson Reading Room is a must see of this building, I won’t spoil it for you but see it for yourself. It’s a definite visual feast for the senses. I know I’ll be back in a month’s time when in Manchester again!


Now for me to go and grab that Pumpkin Spiced Latte, and plan my next two blogs. One of them is an indepth review of the Vivienne Westwood Autobiography & the other will be how to spot real designer pieces from the many low quality fakes out there. This will cover everything from Handbags, to Jewellery to cosmetic products by the major names.

If you want to get in touch email me at, until next time it’s Ciao for now.